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Naad Ali

Naad Ali is a very powerful Wazeefa, It is through the sake of this Wazeefa that Khaybar was conquered when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his companions were in a stalemate and no headway was made in conquering Khaybar.

It was then that Angel Hazrat Jibra'eel appeared and taught the prophet this wazeefa through the blessings of Naad Ali, Hazrat Ali appeared and defeated Khaybar.

The Benefits of Naad Ali

  1. If one is captured then they should recite Naad Ali 7 times on Earth on Friday and throw in the Air, Inshalla no harm will come to the captured one.

  2. If ones fears the enemy then recite 70 times, Inshalla one will overcome the enemy.

  3. To cure Black Magic get water from the Mosque and recite Naad Ali 110 times and blow on the water and give to the affected patient to bathe in and to drink, Inshalla all Black magic and sorcery will be destroyed.

  4. To cure all illnesses get collect rain water and recite Naad Ali 110 times and blow on the water and give to the patient to drink, Inshalla the patient will be cured.

  5. If one is in Distress, Problems, Hardship then recite Naad Ali 1000 times and inshalla by the power of Allah all problems will go away.

  6. The one who recites Naad Ali 110 times on Friday Morning will give the reciter such blessings that whoever one talks to will love him/her.

  7. If one is going to meet a official or important person and one is scared then recite Naad Ali 7 times and then go to that person and keep reciting in ones heart, Inshalla the Wazeefa will give you much benefit.

  8. To cure a Illness then recite Naad Ali 70 times and sprinkle Rain water on that person.

  9. If one wants to see the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him then Recite Naad Ali 500 times, Before and After Darood Shareef 110 times.

  10. For Power and Blessings write Naad Ali on Paper and wear around ones right arm

  11. For Blessings and Luck write Naad Ali and wear around ones neck


Nasa'alakum Dua

Fi Amanillah

Naade Aliyyan Madh'haral Ajaaibe
Tajid'hoo Awnan Laka Fin-Nawaaib.
Kullu Hammin Wa Ghammin Sayanjalee
Bi Wilaayatik.
Yaa Aliyyu, Yaa Aliyyu, Yaa Ali.

(Call Ali, He is able to bring about the extraordinary.
You will find him an effective supporter in all calamities.

All worries and sorrows will soon disappear on account of
your authority,
O Ali, O Ali, O Ali.)

'Naad-e-Ali' was brought by Archangel Jibraeel A.S.

from the Almighty Allaah S.W.T. to the Holy Prophet S.A.W.W.
on the event of the Battle of Khaybar. Its recitation has
multi purpose effects, some of them are as under:-

# If someone is sorrounded by enemies, s/he should recite
'Naad-e-Ali' on some earth and throw it towards the
enemies, its effect will be that the enemies can't do
any harm to the reciter of this.

# If one is afraid of enemies s/he should recite it 27
times daily, enemies will be humiliated.

# To be safe from evil effects of sorcery recite 7 times on

water, drink some of it and take bath with the remaining water.

# To remove the bad effects of a poison write Naad-e-Ali on

a china clay plate, with saffron, then recite it 21 times
and wash the plate with clean water and give that water to
the affected person to drink.

# For an incurable disease or ailment recite Naad-e-Ali 21

times on a glass of water and give it to the sick person to

# To get rid of disturbing troubles and worries recite

Naad-e-Ali 1000 times in the house.

# If there is a misunderstanding or a conflict with some

person recite Naad-e-Ali 71 times and go to that displeased
person, there will beging love and understanding between you
and the concerned person.

# To be free from false accusations recite Naad-e-Ali 40

times in the morning, you will be treated with respect.

# If one recites Naad-e-Ali 25 times before Friday Prayers

then the loss of sleep or insomnia will be cured.

# For prosperity and honour one should recite Naad-e-Ali 21

times daily.

# To have large means and wealth recite Naad-e-Ali 12 times

everyday in the morning.

# Reciter of Naad-e-Ali 17 times daily will have an upper

hand over the enemy.

# Recite Naad-e-Ali 34 or 36 times for fulfillment of

legitimate desires.

# For curing any disease recite Naad-e-Ali 27 times daily.

# For seeing the Holy Prophet in dream recite Naad-e-Ali 7

times everyday before going to bed.

# To be freed from prison one should recite Naad-e-Ali 16

times daily.

# To get a solution of an urgent matter in your favou

recite Naad-e-Ali 15 times daily.

# To be aware of devine plan concerning your matter recite

Naad-e-Ali 16 times daily for 40 days.

# To increase knowledge recite Naad-e-Ali 17 times after

Zuhr prayers for 20 days.

# Recite Naad-e-Ali 50 times daily for 16 days for

fulfillment of legitimate desires and success in your

For removing discord among two persons recite Naad-e-Ali

30 times daily for 20 days.

# To have cougrage and power recite 25 times Naad-e-Ali.

# Reciting Naad-e-Ali 1000 times in one sitting will result

in fulfillment of any legitimate desire.